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Reina - Indy Mutt Strut's TOP DOG 2018

For the last seven years, I've painted a custom portrait as an award, for the winner/top fundraiser each year. Mutt Strut is the largest annual fundraiser for the Humane Society of Indianapolis, held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway every year.

Reina's became the TOP DOG, because her owner, Laura Michael, worked hard to raise funds through Mutt Strut, and she became their top fundraiser.

Reina has quite a story. She went to IndyHumane as a transfer from Indianapolis Animal Care Services, the city’s animal shelter, in July of 2016. Before coming to IndyHumane, Reina underwent surgery on her eyelids to address a condition in which her eyelids rolled inward against her cornea. The operation was a success, and after healing, Reina was made available for adoption.

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