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I've been creating artwork most of my life. Painting, printmaking and art history would become my life long passion and focus. I received my Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.


Twelve years ago, I painted a portrait of my sister's dog as a  Christmas gift.  It was such a hit, that I decided to focus on painting pet portraits, creating BEST IN SHOW Pet Portraits. In every portrait, I

I want to capture the pet's expression, personality and energy.

My paintings are a play of light upon color and texture.

I relate to Claude Monet, who said, "Color is my day long obsession joy and torment". I admire painters such as Bonnard, Van Gogh, Monet, Cassatt, Matisse, and Sargent to more contemporary artists, Hockney, Fish, and Bartlett.

As a true animal lover and supporter of animal advocate groups, Over the years,  I've donated to many pet organizations and animal rescues.

I am a member of the AKC Museum of the Dog Artists Registry.

Part of my family includes
Bella the cat and Domino the Basenji.   Karen

Custom cat portrait of Bella by Karen of BEST IN SHOW Pet Portraits
Custom dog portrait by Karen of BEST IN SHOW Pet Portraits
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